Triad Tool continues to improve production and work flow with a lean culture implemented throughout the organization. Triad’s Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing initiatives in the areas of machine technology; productivity improvements; and company agility; continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Noted below are some examples:

  • Since 1980 a culture implementing standardized universal fixturing/tooling concepts
  • Training and implementation of lean manufacturing principles and 6S programs
  • A recent 10,000 sq. ft. facility expansion, to improve material and process flow on the shop floor
  • Aggressive capital investment in additional Horizontal and 5-Axis machining cells to attain a greater degree of automation and capacity
  • Manufacturing processes continuously improved and optimized in an effort to maximize manufacturing output and turnaround times
  • 375 kW Solar System

42,000 sq. ft

Environmentally controlled plant area

30,000 sq. ft


10,000 sq. ft

Assembly, Test, and Engineering

2,000 sq. ft

QA lab